Lunes, Setyembre 19, 2011

HILLSONG: Aftermath Tour, Manila Ph


I must say, It was one of the best time of my life. Alone.

This is my first time going inside the Araneta Coliseum and I got to see one of my favorite band! So excited, even though im all alone jumping and rejoicing through the christian songs. It was a very significant night of my life. I can really feel the presence of God surrounding us, I was very fortunate to be able to witness this miraculous event wherein numerous people gather in one place to give praise to the King of Kings. btw it was a sold out crowd and a STANDING ROOM ONLY! :)

getting ready

yay! joel houston

love their performance

one of the best

wowowow! this is really is it

amazing crowd

thank you God for this moment

all things are possible with God

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